Kevin Ta

Hi, it’s Kevin! I’m a Software Developer at Waabi working on on-board systems and sensor calibration. I graduated from ETH Zurich with a M.Sc. in Robotics Systems and Control. Previously, I completed my Bachelor’s at the University of British Columbia in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechatronics.

My professional interests lie in multi-sensor systems, computer vision, and robotics. My research at the CVL focused on deep representation for multi-sensor SLAM and sensor calibration for autonomous vehicles. Previously, I worked on next-generation sensor calibration & development of self-driving cars at Cruise.

During my undergraduate studies, I captained the UBC Supermileage team, an engineering design team building ultra-efficient vehicles. I am also a James Dyson National Award winner alongside my capstone team for our work on the Attentiv Catheter.

I’m motivated by working at the intersection of hardware and software, for the purpose of improving our day-to-day lives. Beyond my work and research, you’ll find me crushing at the bouldering gym, meeting up with my book club, or cursing at real world RNG while playing board games.

Work Experience

WaabiJan 2023 - Present
Software Developer
Sensor Calibration | On-board Systems
CruiseSep 2021 - Feb 2022
Hardware Intern
Sensor Calibration Hardware
Schneider Electric SolarJan 2018 - Aug 2018
Data Analytics Co-op
Solar Predictive Analytics and Modelling


ETH Computer Vision LabMar 2022 - Dec 2022
Master Thesis
Multi-Sensor Calibration & SLAM
UBC CARIS Robotics LabMay 2019 - Sep 2021
Research Assistant
Collaborative Control Schemes for Power-assisted Wheelchairs
ETH Neural Control of Movement LabOct 2020 - Jul 2021
Research Assistant
VR-Based Pupil Mental Training
UBC Department of Mechanical EngineeringJan 2019 - Apr 2020
Teaching Assistant
Fluid and Thermodynamic Experiments


UBC Supermileage
Ultra-efficient vehicles competing in international fuelathons
Attentiv Medical
Instrumented IV catheter concept for extravasation prevention